Greek Temple Architecture

at Highhill Homeschool

Teaching Ancient History with Star Trek

Teaching Ancient History With Star Trek
at Milk and Cookies

Ancient Greece History Oral and Writing Assignments

Athenian Hierarchy Interviews at Angelicscaliwags
Spartans did not usually marry until age thirty.  They were not allowed to live with their wives but could visit occasionally
Acting out the Spartans in history at Angelicscaliwags

at Highhill Homeschool

Ancient Greece Lapbooks

looking at ancient greece lapbook
Ancient Greece Lapbook and resources at Jimmie's Squadoo Lens
Lapbook picture from All That's Goood!
Lapbook download at Daisies and Dominos

Free Download: Story Cards of Odysseus's Wanderings

at All That's Goood

Ancient Greek Board Games to Review History and Geography

"Digging Up Greece"  (a multi-level board game)
at Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop
To teach (or review) the history and geography of ancient Greece.

Example of Ancient Greece Board Game at Angelicscaliwags
Or make your own game.

Classical World Through Art

at Art History Mom

Ancient Greek Music and Art

at Homeschool Mosaics

The Olympics


from Olympic Games, March 2010
To celebrate and learn more about the Olympics, you could hold your own Olympic games, such as shot put (a ball thrown from shoulder level), standing high jump, race-in-armor (piggy-back races substitute), pentathlon {consisting of discus (or Frisbee) throw, long jump, javelin (mop handle) throw, running and wrestling (sock wrestling).} The winners (all of them) can be treated to an awards ceremony where they are presented with "laurel" leaf crowns and a banquet.
Lighting our Ice Cream Olympic Torch at Makes and Takes

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics Art Curriculum
A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels: Winter Olympics is available now for only $4.99 at Hodgepodge
Since the winter games are going on now, we learned about some of the winter Olympic sports.
Winter Games Homeschool Printables
free Winter Games Homeschool Printables at Imagine Our Life
  • Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey on a Baking Sheet from Dabblingmomma
  • Bob Sledding
How to draw a bobsled, for kids!
How to Draw a Bobsled at Art For Kids!
  • Skiing
  • Figure Skating
Download Move Like a Figure Skater Game at Creative Family Fun
  • Speed Skating
  • Snowboarding
  • Ski Jumping
  • Luge
  • Curling
See the post on how to do this at Filth Wizardry
More inspiration can be found at:

Ancient China: Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties

T11's questions and answer sheet
Shang Dynasty and Writing Systems at Angelicscaliwags
Oracle bones, Chinese calligraphy. wooden writing strip sealed in a clay envelope, a chop and Chinese dinner.
and at JABLK5
Potter's Wheel, Ivory Carving, Wooden Books, Triple Venn Diagram to show the differences and similarities of Budda, LaoZu, and Confucious, Confucious Gardens.


CHINA: KINGDOM OF BAMBOO at Marie's Pastiche

There is a history of bamboo agriculture and use for 7000 yrs, becoming in wide, daily use during the Shang dynasty.

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

Fantastic student made lapbooks at O The Places You'll Go

The Ancient Egypt part of free Ancient Civilizations lapbooks at Tinas Dynamic Homeschool.

Egyptian Feasts

Over the Crescent Moon has recipes for several dishes that can be included in an Ancient Egyptian feast.

Tiger Nut Sweets recipe at Cook It! The recipe is one of the oldest recipes known and was found written on a piece of clay!


King Tutankhamun Tomb Frieze (1333- 1324 BC) art project at Art in History. Only $9.95.

Ancient Egypt: Clothing

Paper Dolls with Clothing

Amazing Egyptian Spa Themed Birthday Party
Beautiful Arm Cuffs at Hostess with the Mostess' Egyptian Spa Themed Party.

Ancient Egypt, Art

Ancient Egypt Art Project at Homeschool in the Hills

C's painting, using up all the space, with a grid in the back ground and using all the bright colours costomary at that time

Ancient Egypt Art at Angelicscaliwags

Ancient Egypt: Mummification

This idea comes from Cassie Stephens. "We spent many classes learning about the proportions of the face, shading and, of course Egypt. After capturing their Egyptian likeness, the kids created an almost life size sarcophagus.Once the kids painted their designs in black, I introduced them to the metallic paints..."

Angelic Scalliwags is one of my go-to places for any history ideas. Here are some of her Ancient Egypt ideas, including this cool and easy to make canopic jar.

Many fantastic ideas for an Ancient Egyptian Festival at The Sleepy Time Gal, including this car carrier sarcophagus.

Ancient Egypt, The Nile

Make a Boat

Make a cardboard boat at Instructables
Can you make it look like a boat that sailed on the Nile?

Make a Map

Eating Egypt
Edible Map from Growing In Grace
Salt Dough Map from Where My Treasure Is
Also from All That's Goood, a downloadable flipbook that combines geography and history.

Make Shaduf Irrigation System Model

Prone to Wander has done a model of the Shaduf irrigation system as well as other projects.